A look at the brands we champion and the good they’re doing for the world around us

A look at the brands we champion and the good they’re doing for the world around us

A look at the brands we champion & the good they’re doing for the world around us

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When it came to furnishing our lovely vans, we wanted to do so with the intent of supporting brands we think are making good choices for our planet and for other people. We think it’s cool that there are so many socially conscious and eco-conscious brands doing their part in the world, and we want to use our platform to support them and get the word out.

Further Dish & Hand SoapThis is an amazing soap brand we discovered after using it in a lovely coffee shop in Santa Barbara (shout out to Handlebar!). The hand and dish soap smell incredible, they use local producers to create their products, and are made from recycled vegetable oil by way of glycerin as a byproduct of biofuel. We were particularly excited to find such a responsible company to turn to for a product like soap that we will be replace and refilling continuously within the vans, as our support can be indefinite!

Method Cleaning ProductsWe partnered with Method because they have been providing eco-friendly and earth-safe cleaning materials for a very long time, at a very reasonable price point. In addition, they come in a variety of great-smelling options. We use these products to clean the interiors of the vans as well as for our linens. Check out their measure of sustainability called Benefit Blueprint to learn more. 


The scene at the shop when we recieve our Method orders!

Miir Speckled Camp CupThis brand supplies us with our amazing camping-inspired multi-purpose mugs (don’t forget that you can use them to keep your camping cocktails cold too!). They have a commitment to working with non-profit partners to drive sustainable change, and have provided over $1,000,000 of funding thus far.

Material Kitchen | The ReboardThese cutting boards are made from recycled plastic and renewable sugercane, and as a bonus, they come in bright, punchy colors making them a joy to look at. 

CoyuchiWe have been fans of this brand for a long time, and for their eco-friendly and luxurious linens (along with many other household items). We feel very fortunate to offer their lovely organic sateen sheets as well as cotton and wool blend throw blankets.

Ekobo Colander & Mixing BowlThis product was such an exciting find, as it is crafted from highly renewable bamboo fibers and is intentionally designed to save the water used to rinse vegetables/fruits to water plants with its built-in pour-spout.

West ElmWe have purchased several items from this company to help us furnish our vans. They have recently committed to furthering their choices to be more socially and eco-conscious. Read more about their commitment here.

World Market | Woven Playa Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow: Our  indoor/outdoor throw pillows were crafted in India, and are made from recycled plastic water bottles. Not only do they embody a creative reuse/recycle concept, but they’re also soft and eye-catching!

Scotch Brite Greener Clean SpongesThese sponges are a combination of eco-friendly, sustainable materials, as well as very serious cleaning power! They are made from 100% plant-based fibers and additional recycled materials.

Just a few of the many joys of renting a Rossmönster camper van…


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