The holidays may look a bit different this year

Whether you’re taking your holidays on the road, or simply need a bit more space at your house to safely celebrate with loved ones this holiday season, we’ve got you covered.

This holiday season, take the celebration on the road with one of our Modern 2.0 rigs equipped with 4WD and Rixen heat/hot water systems to make them the ideal winter expedition vehicle. Or, simply add a backhouse for guests with one of our Retro-Mod VW Vanagons, fully furnished with all of the comforts of home. 

Taking your holiday on the road?

Our Modern 2.0 rigs are rearing to go this holiday season. Equipped with 4 wheel drive and Rixen heat/hot water systems so that your near and dear stay cozy no matter the destination.

Backcountry skiing on Christmas Day? Why not? Just be sure to have the hot cocoa ready on the stove for when you get back.

No guest room? No problem.

Add a spare room to your house with a Rossmönster van. Simply clear out your driveway and we’ll handle the rest! We’ll send out each van with cozy bedding for all, a fully furnished kitchen, fridge/freezer, 120V electricity (and the ability to hook up to the nearest outlet!) and induction cooktop so that your guests have everything they need to be self contained.

*Please give us a call to inquire about delivery options for Retro-Mod VW Vanagons – as they prefer to be parked and left in the winter time.