Our Story

A group of friends and outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for craftsmanship on a pursuit to get more people outside, more often.

Rossmönster Rentals Story

We started as custom woodworkers, carpenters and engineers with a passion for the outdoors and a commitment to building purposefully designed vehicles that enable exploration and experience. Yet our team soon realized that not everyone has the means, or the desire, to own their own rig. Thus, the idea of a fleet of rental camper vans was born.

Team Story

Lucy and Zoë run the rental show, yet lean on the original Rossmönster Vans team to bring the vision to life. Simply stated, we’re a group of friends (and their dogs) who share a passion for the Rossmönster brand and products that we create.

We started our fleet of rental camper vans with a goal to get more people outside, more often – and to give us the opportunity to share our work and passion more broadly.

The story behind the vanagons

Meet the team

Lucy and Zoë both grew up in the majestic backdrop of Colorado where their shared love of playing in the outdoors all began. With previous careers in Nursing and Brand Strategy, respectively, Zoë and Lucy shifted their trajectories in order to launch a fleet of camper van rentals intended to encourage people to get outside and play in the world around us.

Lucy Jacobson

Master of ‘Strategery’

Zoë Semple-Shuchter

Top Dog of Rentals

The Guys who build the Vans

From creative engineers and exceptional carpenters to seasoned electricians, meet the guys who make dreams come true.

Ross Williamson

The ‘Ross’ in Rossmönster

Luke Farny

The ‘Make it Happen’ Guy

Justin Williamson

Master of Everything with an Electric Current

Michael Larson

Cabinet Builder Extraordinaire

Preston Cook

Fabric, Finishing and Fabulosity

Sam Williamson

The Guy on the Other End of the Phone

Lance Ostrom

Electrically Minded Jack of All Trades

Andrew Farny

Maintanance and Morale

Shop dogs


Zero body awareness


Scary Larry


The name says it all

Ross Dog

Keeps the others in check


Sweet with a side of sass


“The girl dog”

A tribute to our first shop dog

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