A Quick-guide to packing for your next campervan adventure

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We set out to create a resource for some of those camping great-to-haves that so often get left behind or purchased once on the road. These items will neither break the bank, nor take up a ton of storage.

Photo credit: Tommy Lisbon 

Games: This is a biggie – camping is the best possible time to lounge around a cozy fire or on a giant rock in the middle of nowhere with your loved ones. While this is ideally entertaining without any additional props, you will inevitably run out of titillating conversation points. That is where games come in – the more active the better! We highly recommend “Slammo”, (which counts as your aerobics for the day), or Kubb, which was an absolute winner at one of our coworker’s outdoor mountain wedding celebration. Don’t forget just a plain ol’ deck of cards and a bag of dice too!

A really good book: Be honest, when else do you feel like you have time to really flop down on the couch in your house and luxuriate in a good book? We are guessing never! Included in this suggestion is the obvious addition of a hammock for ideal outdoor flopping! We like this one: Eno Hammock Roadie Stand that’s available in our list of campervan add-ons.

Journal & pen: When the inspiration hits from the lovely mountains, lakes, creeks, and stars above, make sure you have a journal and your favorite pen handy. Plus, it’s always great to have a pen around to keep score during games!

Headlamps: This is one of the easiest things to forget, but may be one of the most useful! You realize very quickly on a camping trip where most of your time is spent outside that the sun does not shine all day! (Cue midnight pee-break, you will definitely want a headlamp to guide your way to the bushes!)

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo

High quality instant coffee (or go-to Tea Bag): Though we are very much fans of taking the time to hand grind and prepare a precious cup of pour-over, there are mornings where you just have to get on the trail as early as possible. When you have this lovely item on hand, all you need is a speedy boiled pot of water and a stir of the spoon! We like this brand: Swift Cup Coffee.

IPA’s, can of wine & some good whiskey: Believe it or not, we’ve come across some canned wine (Underwood Wines) that truly hits the spot (especially while camping). We think a good drink is one of the best additions to a lakeside picnic or post-hike chill out. When it comes to beer, it’s hard to find one we don’t like, but Wibby Brewing is a local brewery right down the street from our shop, so we’ll take this opportunity to give them a shout out. And for the campfire at night, there’s nothing better than warming up with a whiskey.

Snacks: There is nothing worse than being on a long road trip without sufficient snackery. We love deli turkey, kettlecorn, dried fruits, and veggies with hummus.


Photo credit: Tyler Lillico

Slippers/Slip-on boots: There is nothing more satisfying than slipping cold toes into a pair of slippers or boots during frosty morning of coffee-making, or to relax by the fire before hitting the hay.

Hat/sunglasses/sunscreen: Please don’t ruin your otherwise wonderful trip by getting a sunburn!

Swimsuit & quick-dry towel: As much as we highly recommend a good nature-inspired skinny dip in a frigid mountain lake, there are some occasions where you accidentally wind up at a lovely hot springs and there are children around, you would kick yourself for not bringing a suit.

Hand sanitizer: There is no reason not to clean your hands well on a road trip (hello gas pump germs). This way you can feel less bad while licking the Cheeto powder off of your fingers while you snack in the car :). Dr. Bronner’s hand sanitizer is a favorite of ours.

Nail clippers: There is absolutely nothing worse than having a hangnail on a camping trip – nuff said!

Body wipes: Not that we believe showering is actually necessary on a good camping trip (that is part of the fun, right?), sometimes a swipe from a good-smelling body wipe or face wipe can totally brighten your day! Here are some of our favorites: Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes, Summer’s Eve (primarily for the ladies).


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