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What to do when nature calls while you’re on the road

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What to do when nature calls while out on the road is a source of stress for many, though lately, this stress has been magnified by the backdrop of COVID-19. We set out to provide you with a quick guide to a few tips and tricks that we found make going to the bathroom on the road less anxiety-inducing and allows you to avoid relying on public restrooms along the way.


All of the options outlined below (besides the doggie bags!) are available on our camper van add on’s page.

 1) The Luxe Option: Rent our dry-flush toilet, (available as a rental add-on)

These fabulous thrones mimic your standard home toilet base, and run on rechargeable batteries. This means that yes, you can carry them to any scenic mountain-top to do your business, if your sick little heart desires!

Instead of flushing to your plumbing system, when you flush, your waste is sealed automatically into preset cartridges. All fumes/waste are conveniently sealed permanently by the toilet, and can be disposed of in any garbage receptacle. 

2) The Portable Option: Rent our collapsible portable toilet add-on (available as a rental add-on)

These gems store as a space-saving suitcase sized portable unit when not in use. 

Simply unfold and lock into place the “feet” at the base of the toilet, insert the associated waste bags, and dispose of waste when finished in the sealable bag.

Can store portable loo in open position, or fold back up into a small/conveniently-sized closed position when not in use. 

This toilet can also be placed at any private location for bathrooming with a view!

3) The Economical Option (though neither traditional nor for the faint of heart!): 

We here at Rossmonster Rentals will never be ones to scam you out of a good deal, even if it is a bit stranger than the other options! 

Any current dog owners already have a handy roll of the green eco-friendly doggie-doo bags, and these are just as functional for human waste with a little added creativity!

Grab two bags, line a disposable plastic cup with bag #1, insert deposit, and simply tie off bag #1 when complete. Bag #2 can be used to ensure safe/clean disposal of waste. Deposit in any trash receptacle. 

This option is the cheapest, space-saving-est, and will definitely give you a good story to share with your friends when you return from your trip, if you are partial to brags of this variety! (Or you can tell no one, and it will remain our secret…)